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New Year Cleanse

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

Well we are 50 days into 2020 already... How does that happen???

Time really does fly especially as you age. I've heard it more than once through my 30's and 40's but as I approach 50 this year I have a much greater appreciation for it.

It was my New Year goal to clean up my act a bit. Over the last few years I've definitely noticed myself needing the release of a drink, mainly wine. What would start off as a glass while preparing dinner would at times amount to 2 or 3 glasses sometimes an entire bottle. I'd start the week off telling myself not this week, and sometimes that would work, other times it would last till Thursday. It was obvious I wasn't winning this battle as I would constantly give in to the need.

I had a million excuses as to why I needed it. The stress of daily life, work problems, relationship failures, kids demands It didn't matter I was convinced a glass of wine would fix it all. It became obvious that I wasn't capable of keeping my promise for more than a week and that even was becoming an impossible task.

I knew I wanted to clean this up, however It wasn't like I didn't want to enjoy a great glass of wine again some day. I took it upon myself to join an online group OYNB (one year no beer) It was the support I needed to keep me on track. It's an easy mindset that keeps you accountable to yourself. Its definitely an inspiring group of individuals who have joined for various reasons. I'm now 50 days in to my journey and have made a commitment to 90 days.

A big thank you to all of my fellow OYNB group for their support and friendships. I feel good, think clearly, and feel proud of myself, and everyone who is on this journey with me. Sometimes you cant do it alone, and for me it was exactly what I needed to clear my head and break some old habits. It is my intention to enjoy wine again with a clear mindset and better control I'm hoping it will be even more enjoyable than it ever was!


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