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Updated: May 19, 2020

What a start to 2020! Like everyone else I am blown away by the reality of what our world is experiencing right now. It's actually difficult to wrap your head around. The magnitude of it is something I can't fully grasp.

My family has been in isolation since Monday March 16. What started out as keeping safe has escalated into something much more than that. I have only been out of the house for groceries 3 times since then. The last time I attempted the grocery store there was a sense of fear in me, like I'm not safe anymore. Am I just overacting? Ugh, I'm not sure how long this will take to move on from. I do hope mankind can go back to some sense of normality. We are so focused on distancing from one another that its almost to a point of complete avoidance. We avoid eye contact, and a smile between strangers just doesn't exist anymore. It's a shame really. I mean not many of us are in the best of spirits right now, its quite understandable honestly. The longer this lingers the harder it will be to regain a sense of comfort between people. First things first really, lets get this fucking virus under control so we can start rebuilding our lives... That being said, I wonder what the aftermath will look like when we go back to living life. Hopefully we find out soon. Till then we remain isolated.... Our freedom awaits us however that may look.

I guess that's a whole different topic for a completely different blog post.

Stay safe friends and keep up the smiles please.

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