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Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Well, Jan 2020 has hit and I'm slowly making an effort to get back into the swing of it.

Its been the better part of a year now. My body feels like its been hit by a mac truck.

I have been suffering with back issues for over a year and still not fully recovered. I'm not convinced it will ever be the same. I hear this from others who have gone through similar issues....

OK, here's the thing and I'm sure many of you will relate. As soon as you get away from of the routine of exercise inevitably you stop eating as healthy too. I feel it big time. I've lost muscle tone, my hips feel wider, my body feels looser, my skin looks dull, my clothes feel tight, plus my energy level is nil...People say oh, come on your look great, you haven't changed... but we all know how we feel about our selves when we aren't at our best. The funny thing about this is I appreciate the compliment but it doesn't help how I really feel or get me motivated to make an effort.

I'm ready to change it up, unfortunately my body isn't going to allow me to jump 100% right in. So, I'm starting slowly. Walking regularly, cleaning up my diet, cutting out the wine, light exercise(very light) keeping a journal, and blogging. Its all about mindset I know this and teach this. Its not easy changing up old habits, but I need to start somewhere.

I hope for any of you reading this that have been thinking the same that you start with little steps too. We can, and we will if we set good intentions and obtainable goals.

I'll check back in next month with my follow up to how my month went down.

Good luck and kick ass!

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