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Oh so many uses...Flannel

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Lets just take a moment and really reflect on the beauty of a good flannel.

The variety of purpose it serves to our wardrobe is a win win. It is truly one of the most versatile pieces you can add to our style. Not to mention the huge array of selection out there in pattern and color combinations, as well as cut and style options.

Every woman needs one good flannel button up. This single piece can be worn many different ways. It can dress down your look, as well as complete an outfit very nicely.

Flannel comes with the big stigma of "country girl"( honestly not a bad thing) There's something hugely sexy, wholesome and real about country girls wouldn't you agree.

I love the idea that when worn as a layering piece with a simple "T" and a great pair of jeans it can work as casual and comfy and put a fresh spin on your look. Great for when your shopping or just out for a movie night. it works well with trackies, or even leggings. Your flannel can serve as an accessory piece as well. When tied around the waist think of it as adding a splash of color or texture to a clean and simple look. It pairs well with ponytails, buns, braids and ball caps. Especially great for outdoor activities during the fall season.

Roll the sleeves, wear it open , button it up, tie it around the waste, tuck it in, knot it in the front, cut the sleeves off and wear it as a vest. Let your imagination run wild. Honestly the possibilities are impressive. Not to mention the comfort level rocks. Get your flannel on ladies, FYI makes for great sleepwear as well.... loosen up your buttons and get your sexy on for a change of pace.

One good flannel is a staple in every womans closet!

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