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Real talk, Real beauty, Real life for women over 50.
I understand the real concerns of this life stage, from embracing beauty and lifestyle to fashion, finances, and mindset. I'm all about open, honest conversations that empower and inspire you."
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"With Patti's help I felt comfortable with my makeup application.  She gave me different techniques than I was used to. Thank you Patti for helping me love my skin again"
Cosmos Blossom

"Step into the world of Pjstylin, a trusted companion for women navigating life's exciting journey beyond 50. What started out as an outlet for my love of beauty, has transpired into a passion for mid-life living. This phase of our life could likely be the most rewarding, fun and life-changing. I understand the genuine and profound concerns in this stage of life, from embracing your unique beauty concerns to mastering lifestyle choices, staying fashionable, securing your financial well-being, and nurturing a resilient mindset.

At PjStylin I value open and honest conversations. I'm here to share with you the products and resources that have made a significant improvement in my life. Let's have genuine conversations that empower you in this remarkable chapter of your life. Your story is the inspiration, and together, we'll navigate this journey together. 

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