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Why couples split in Mid life

Maybe because I'm one of them, or maybe because I really wanted clarity. Quite honestly none of the top 5 reasons came as any kind of surprise to me.

  1. Financial stress - Many couples in their 50's experience financial difficulty due to job loss, medical bills, or other economic issues.

  2. Growing apart - As couples grow older, it's common for their interests to diverge and for them to lose common ground.

  3. Infidelity - Even after many years of marriage, infidelity can still be a source of conflict for older couples.

  4. Mental health issues - Mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, or addiction can lead to marital difficulties.

  5. Lack of communication - When couples fail to communicate openly and honestly, it can lead to miscommunication, resentment, and other issues that can strain or end a marriage.

What do you think? Is these relatable or just excuses for not trying hard enough. These are the legitimately the top reasons across the board when researched.

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