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Hair consultation = BLISS

Updated: Jan 18, 2020

Ask Yourself-

Do you constantly search the internet for the perfect hairstyle?

Can a good hair morning change your attitude about

the day?

When your hair cooperates in the morning, does everything else seem to follow suite?

Are you tired of trying to make your hair do something it won't do?

If you answered Yes to 3 or more of these questions its time for a new look. After many years in the salon industry its clear that woman feel that their hair can make a huge impact on how they feel about themselves. I mean truthfully your hair is the one thing that gets noticed at first glance. it is the crown we never take off, yet instead of treating it with the attention it deserves we choose to neglect it on so many levels. Once we come to terms with the fact that our style may not be working for us anymore is when transformation needs to take place.

Until you've experienced a great cut, or an amazing color I'm not sure you can truly understand the impact these 2 services can make on someones attitude and outlook. I encourage all woman everywhere to treat themselves to a real consultation with a professional stylist. An informative consultation consists of your needs being heard, understanding your daily routines, and where your comfort level stands. It also consists of good advise from your stylist. Recommendations, talking texture, condition, being truthful about what is recommended for the type of hair you have and face your structure. A good consultation matters. It lessens the fear of change, and builds trust within your relationship as stylist and guest.

It is the stepping stone of change, and ultimately the end result of how you feel about yourself.

This isn't to say that only the most expensive stylist is capable of doing this for you. There is plenty of talented educated stylists out there who can assist you in this process. Ask around. Ask someone who's hair you like. Ask the salon coordinator her recommendation and be open to feedback.

As a stylist it became much easier to read my guest after so many years in the business. Everyone's personalty is unique. Sometimes it was obvious the guest needed direction and was very open to change, other times it would take making small steps to get someone to where they eventually want to be. Either way is good, an educated stylist/colorist will listen and advise with your best interest at heart. Ultimately the bottom line is your decision. With proper direction and guidance the outcome is usually rewarding as well as refreshing.

Ask yourself is it time? Maybe I need a proper consultation in order to find my NEW me.

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