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Believe me your face is not a "circle"

Updated: Aug 2, 2020

It is thought by most woman who sit in my chair that their options are slim because they truley believe..."I have a round face"

80 % off women believe this to be true when actually a round face shape is the least common shape there is.

The best advise I can give to determine your true shape is to pull all your hair back from your face, stand in front of a mirror and with an erasable marker trace your shape onto the mirror.

There are for 4 key elements to determine what shape you are.

  1. the width of your forehead and hair line

  2. the width of checks

  3. the length of your face

  4. the angel of your jawline

Quite often woman will find they fall into more than one category. If so, choose the one that you love most and the feature you like best!

Here's how you determine your shape:


  1. the length of your face is the same as the width

  2. forehead hair line tends to round

  3. jawline is round

Styles- You want to try and elongate your shape. Do not add width with more volume.

Blunt cuts work well to slim cheeks down. Do not go shorter than chin length. Some volume thru crown is okay. Open forehead with no bang or soften with a curtain bang. Straight across bangs aren't ideal.


  1. forehead is wide,hair line tends to be straight across

  2. cheek and jaw width is the same.

  3. sides of cheeks is straight up and down

  4. length and width of face is similar

Styles- NO straight lines or edges. Side parts break up symmetry. Soften with angels and layers. Curved bangs work. Chin length or longer. Soft waves.


  1. the width across your cheekbones is wider than your forehead.

  2. your jaw line is narrow

  3. your chin has a strong point

  4. over length and width is the same.

Styles- soft elongated layers. face framing can work well. Off swept bangs or straight across bangs with rounded corners. (but not too long). Waves or volume work well. Volume behind ears and neck.


Everyone's ideal shape. Because of the symmetry it is the most balanced shape to work with.

  1. forehead is smaller than cheeks

  2. jawline is round

  3. face length is longer than it is wider

All styles work well on this shape.


  1. Forehead and cheeks is the same width as jaw

  2. jaw line is square

  3. length of face is twice as long as width

Styles- BANGS, helps to shorten the length of the face. fringes, full bangs, or curtain bangs work great. Extra length to your hair is always a great idea. Soften with some waves.


  1. forehead is wider than jaw

  2. cheeks similar width to forehead

  3. jaw/chin pointed

  4. length of face is longer then width

Style- Refer to diamond shape.

This is only a guideline and I would encourage everyone to do what makes them feel confident about themselves. That's what always works best!

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