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A-ha Moments

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Really wrap your head around it for a moment .

Have you ever really thought about how many

A-ha moments you’ve had in your life. These are times when the light bulb shines so bright you just can’t help but stare right at it. It‘s like a realization or certain clarity hits you straight in the face! What we don’t realize and sometimes take for granted is how many we have and the life changing effects they have on us. I mean this can be anything.... simple awakenings that change your perception and life dramatically. Quite often we experience these when going through turmoil like death, sickness, or money issues but sometimes it’s triggered through growth and aging. Sadly, we aren’t always able to act on it or make significant changes when these A-ha moments arrive however it makes us evaluate what’s important what brings us joy, peace and contentment. During these moments it often brings self awareness, power, abundance, and peace of mind


In a nut shell ... when an A-ha moment strikes you next be a little more aware of it. Remember to also be grateful for its purpose ! Life is speaking to you load and clear

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