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Knitted Sweaters Up Close


Hey Beautiful,  

Patti Jane here

Lover of fashion, beauty & healthy living

Hairstylist & SEINT Beauty Artist

A little about me... I have been a stylist & salon owner for 33 years. Helping thousands of women express their outer beauty has been a truly fulfilling and rewarding career. My love for makeup has lead me to become a SEINTartist. Truley one of the best decisions in my life. I would love to assist you in your beauty regime.  You won't be disappointed.  

I am blessed with three amazing daughters, all of whom are uniquely different.  It's through them that I am inspired to live my life with love and passion. I am a single mother who was married for nearly 24 years and am embarked on a journey of digging deeper into my soul and living a life of purpose and joy.


Fashion and beauty run through my veins. It's my pleasure to empower other women to look and feel the best version of themselves through health, friendship and beauty advice. I will listen and guide you on this path. I believe your heart, personality, as well as your best assets, will lead you in the direction of self-worth and confidence.


As your stylist, it's my hope that we build trust, share in a friendship, and learn a few new tricks along the way. Living a life of joy and abundance is a cocktail for PURE HAPPINESS that all women deserve.


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